CIS*6660.01 Pervasive Computing

Fall 2006


The following recommended reading list is by no means close to comprehensive. You should do more research on the topic you are interested, and I will be expecting you to have many more (specific to your topic) references in your survey/research papers for this course. I have included the PDF files for all papers, but when you do your own research papers can be readily found through the ACM digital library and IEEE eXplore (use, citeseer, or Google Scholar.

Introduction and Overview


Mobility and Location

Systems and Applications

Integration Challenges with the Physical World


Service Discovery

Security, Privacy, and Trust

Research on your own.

Pervasive Healthcare

Interesting Projects

Conferences, Journals, and Magazine

Search for the conferences as the location is different each year.


Huy Pham
Wei Lu
Razieh Niazi

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